Joe The Plumber Has “Lots Of Issues”

‘We’ve Been There, Brother! Come on, now!”

In the presidential debate last night, Joe the Plumber was invoked more than 20 times. Do you wonder who this guy is? Check out the MSNBC interview below…



I am Jon … none of this is national is it?

For more fact checking on Joe the plumber, click through to Think Progress.

UPDATE: Joe doesn’t even have a plumber’s license.

(okay, I’m embarrassed ’cause I spelled ‘plumber’ like this in the first published version: ‘plummer’. What really gets me is that I actually do know how to spell plumber! Could this be old age creeping in? I am counting exact change at the checkout counters… red in the face here folks!)

3 Replies to “Joe The Plumber Has “Lots Of Issues””

  1. I’ll betcha Joe the plumber has never made close to $100k annually in his life. This is a typical fantasy made up by a McCain/Palin/Bush supporter. I was very impressed by Obama’s patience when speaking with this idiot. He demonstrated the patience of Job, which should impress many of the religulous nutballs in our society – if only they could think for themselves…

  2. Well, I don’t want to lump all people of faith together in a ball like that so close to the holiday feasts. I know lots of folks personally who are devoted to their churches, conservative in much of their thinking, who think McCain is a liar and Palin is just plain stupid.

    They will, of course, be voting Obama.

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