Sucker Punch! The Markets Head South

Thursday Morning In Asia

The NIKKEI 225, the measure of top securities in Japan, is showing the largest drop in decades, losing nearly 1100 points at the close of trading. That’s a loss of more than 11% in one day.

Korea’s markets closed down more than 9%.

The MSCI Asia Pacific Index lost more than 8%, but is still almost 2% up for the week.


I am Jon, and I don’t expect to see the bottom of this mess any time soon.

UPDATE: DJIA closes up just over 400 points this afternoon, with all the gains made in the last hour and a half. This doesn’t change what I think about the short term market, though. I still think we will see it go lower than we’ve seen so far.

Tipping my hat to Bloomberg and TheBigPicture