HR6304 – An Open Letter To Barack Obama

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Senator Obama,

I am expecting you to personally and professionally support, even organize, a filibuster against this bill, referred to as HR6304. The telecom immunity provisions are important, yes, but on a deeper and more meaningful note, this bill erodes the powers of both the 1st and 4th Amendment to The Constitution.

You guys have been very good at utilizing the web for information spreading. We in the tech community are impressed, and even proud of you. Use it now to gather information from the web. Search for the Senator’s name along with various combinations of the words “FISA” and “HR6304” and you will find a strong and near unanimous disapproval of this bill and everyone associated with its progress towards approval. Ignore the mainstream media and look carefully at what the real America is saying. We are opposed to it on many grounds.

A filibuster on the Senate floor could consist of your staff reading hundreds of thousands of short comments, limited to 144 characters each, on the twitter service, all of them in favor of your actions against this bill. Your staff already has this setup. It could be tempered with the reading of thousands of blogs, many with tens and hundreds of thousands of readers, all supporting your actions against this bill. You would potentially be bringing the voice of millions of voting Americans to the debate. I will help you organize this technical side if you want.

Mr Obama, you would be literally the 1st man in history to bring the American people, the entire Republic, to the Senate floor. All old school politics would be thrown out the window and the American people, the vast majority of every political party would support you. To do otherwise would be for them to take a public stand against the stated views of the American people, which, having been read on the Senate floor, would become a matter of record. The ‘politics as usual’ would be forever changed with this one action. You become one of our greatest Presidents, months before the election.

You will guarantee your election in November with this one grand gesture. You will prove your honor. You will prove your loyalty to the the public, as opposed to the Washington ‘business as usual’ crowd. You will show the world that you are, indeed , the choice and the voice of all America. It’s realistic that you would become the de facto most powerful man in American politics. But even more than that: You will get my support, my voice, and my vote.

Thank you for thinking this over. If you need any help whatsoever with the technical aspects of organizing all those RSS and twitter feeds, I offer my services to this cause. We could set this up in mere hours. It would be quite an affair for the mainstream media, and I believe it would be the single largest event on the web, ever.

Jon Knight
Publisher @ Wordout

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  1. Open Letter to Barack Obama from the American Republic

    It is very important that you think about what I am going write.

    I realize that it will be a sacrifice of your campaign and for your sponsors for you to tell the truth.

    That in itself would finish your attempt to be elected as the President of the United States of America. Its unfortunate that in politics you must slide the truth in order to win favor by business interests , political advocates, well financed families and then what is left of the American people. It is that portion of people that you sir, should be catering your interests to. There are millions of Americans that really need a strong honest leader that can go up against the current dishonest Congress and demand CHANGE for the people of America and not just a surveyed few. And CHANGE sir, means a identified selection of problems with America that need replacement or repair, without the contention of Congress or the ones that pull the rule strings from behind. And CHANGE made within a short period of time, not years or centuries. If you are elected by some reason, that only a privileged few will know, you will of course be in the same situation as many others before you have been, because they did not tell the truth. In the real world, the truth is not welcomed, but it exists anyway, waiting for the few or the many that can make the CHANGE to live that and become that, that so many people wish they could be. Americans must truly help the Homeland our Country become the true leader of the many that have lost their way thru choice.

    The American Republic

    A Sovereign Republic

  2. The American Republic returns on September 11, 2008,

    The American Republic returns on September 11, 2008,
    A Letter to The United States Congress and to The American People

    Americans have lost their way by choice and coercion by those that wish to have it all. Those Americans that have plenty are not bothered by the confusion and rape of the land and its people. The ones that outnumber the wealthy are the ones that suffer in America. The idea of a Republic of America was originally thought to be a perfect form of government, but the ones that made the choice to write on paper their ideas for a perfect form of government, were themselves imperfect, which did not make for a perfect document. The document called the Constitution is a promise to Americans to protect and to serve our Nation with truth. That has not happened, thus the discord within our nation to Americans.

    Our Nation, our Homeland has been sold, raped, and ravaged by many outsiders and insider traitors, that have allowed our eagle our National symbol to be locked in a cage with little sustenance. Our Star has been buried in the sand with the trash of other nations.

    This is not acceptable, and will be resolved. Our current Congress has forsaken our nation by giving little and taking so much for themselves and their financial supporters. Congress has allowed Capitalist Businesses from within and out to take over our Nation and rule by the power of selfish money and lies.

    Our Great and once powerful Military is also ruled by those that give false and deceptive orders and not true commands. They, the soldiers of our fortunes are engaged in ambiguous battle campaigns under False Flag counter intelligence propaganda. Human lives on all sides are dying for the few that have lost their way thru choice.

    Our President, our leader of our Nation has with his advisors and financial empire brokers, reinforced the ultimate crime to humanity by lying to himself, his family and his country. Our business leaders have lied to our Nation and prostituted our ingenuity to others for unnatural profit.

    There are too many Americans that have some or little or none, and that Ladies and Gentlemen is not acceptable. Congress and others have failed to provide even the basics for our Nation to thrive. Too many selfish secrets, which many are known amongst a few is tearing our Nation and Planet apart. And allowing those that know what lies behind the looking glass, to control the masses at will.

    There is too much advertised hatred and racial prejudice that is fed by ignorance and choice. Religions have taken front seat to freedom and truth, thus confusing those that wish to know the truth by self choice.

    On September 11, 2008, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, we Americans can and will make a choice to free our Eagle from its cage of captors, allowing it to be stronger and fly higher than ever before, and unearth and restore our Star to its rightful brilliance from the sand of trash of other Nations, and take back our country from those that have stolen it from us all. Annuit Copetis.

    We have learned from the past, and we have learned from the present, so now we will make a choice to either continue with America as is, or Change it to a True Republic that truly represents the sincere interests of it people and other Nations. It is not an impossible task to overcome, all it takes is an honest choice and the will to sacrifice.

    We are a Legion of many, who will live a life of peace, and have respect for all living things, while having considerations for those who are different, and look for ways to truly accommodate those who are slow in understanding.

    We support the poor, helpless, and defenseless people. We support the freedom of Women, we support the sane treatment of animals and the environment, we support the freedom of religion and expression. We do not support ignorance, period.

    We are a growing nation of people that encourage all Americans to become part of the New American Republic!


    Judah Ben-Hur, Sui Juris
    The American Republic
    Diplomatic Mission: North America
    A Sovereign Republic

  3. Barack Obama as next President of The United States of America

    The die is cast and for reasons that only a privileged few know, you Sir, will be the next President of the United States of America.

    Your next 4 years will be a turning point in US history and planet earth. CHANGE, your advisors and high stake investors offer the nation will undoubtedly be the same rhetoric and empty promises that make up a political campaign, that campaigns for appointment for any public office in America.

    The White House will be the Black House to some, the Aryan Brothers of America will not be so happy, but yet will blame you and your staff if you fail, which will reinforce their belief that the Aryan Nation is the true leader for America.

    The religious zealots will be busy bees making nests to survive the onslaught of lies, corruption and deceit. Business enterprises and other competing nations will capitalize off of your inexperience in the art of corruption and murder.

    The organized crime organizations from different nations including our own will benefit from the lack of control over national crime.Military governments including our own will test your tolerance to pain and deception and trick you into needless and profitable domestic and international conflict.

    You will no doubt attempt to colorize your staff to soften the race conflict once in office.

    As President you will be President. Nations will respect you only for your title of office.

    Americans will soon see after your appointment as President that your intentions were manipulated by those that make the rules. You will fill the spot in history as planned, and nothing more.You will never while in office be able to pull the troops from conflict in any land we are engaged in.

    As a matter of fact we as a nation will be engaged in a new conflict of war, which will galvanize Americans to seek a different form of government and a different and honest Congress.You will attempt to shore up Americas problems with false promise and lies, because you cannot directly affect the CHANGE you promised.

    Your frustration will be your downfall while in office, and your co-dependence on those that you trust will also add to your demise.

    Our Armed Forces in rank will respect you as good soldiers they are, but those under them will not, and for good reasons, that only a good soldier knows.

    America will not be America until its government respects the People, and tells the truth. America is a Republic, not a Democracy or Fascist Government or is it?

    Until you can walk thru the streets and neighborhoods of America unaided by Secret Service or any other law enforcement agency you will not be respected by the many, only by the fearful and selfish few.

    Americans can protect their leaders if they are honest and respectful of the people they were elected to serve.

    Our Government has forsaken us for many hundreds of years, and now we will wait until your 4 years are finished for us to come to fruition.


    The American Republic

    A Sovereign Republic

  4. As owner of a blogging site, it’s sometimes hard to decide what comments to allow and which to decline. Obvious spam comments left by web-bots are easily recognized and deleted. But spam is not the only kind of unwanted remarks.

    This guy, who signs himself as ‘Judah Ben Hur’, always leaves inflammatory comments. His logic is not logic. His obvious attempts to sound educated simply fail. Close analysis of his statements reveal that his only agenda is to spread discontent and foment violent attitudes.

    He speaks of things he knows nothing about. I doubt he is even Jewish, or American.

    He is not a software web-bot, but he is a human bot. I may decide to leave the three comments above, and I may decide later that his comments are so worthless that they should be removed.

    His comments will no longer be welcomed at Wordout.

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