HR 6304 – The YouTube Collection

Watch, Listen, Learn

The next bill on the Senate agenda is HR 6304, the bill which will make us all subject to warrantless surveillance, search and seizure with no judicial recourse. This is the bill which, when it becomes law, will take away one of our most basic rights.

This bill even goes as far as to say that any American citizen attempting to use their 1st Amendment rights may be considered the agent of a foreign government. This bill takes away our rights, folks. And our Congress knows this. Watch at least the 1st video and you will see exactly what our representatives said about this bill, right before they voted overwhelmingly, to pass it.

Your Representatives Saw Right Through It

But They Voted For It Anyway


Dennis Kucinich – The Guy Who Introduced The Articles Of Impeachment

I’m Thinking He’s Not Too Popular Right Now On The Hill.


Even Ralph Nader – Maybe He’ll Finally Get My Vote.

Consumer Advocate – Defender of The Constitution


Be An American! Make A Ruckus!

The only chance we the people have against this bill is a filibuster on the floor of the Senate. Last October, Barack Obama PROMISED he would support a filibuster of any bill that contained the provisions this one does. Call him (866-675-2008). Email his campaign. Call your 2 Senators, regardless of who they are. Tell them to help filibuster this bill until it is completely defeated in the Senate. If there’s no filibuster, just tell them you are watching every vote in the Senate, and that you consider the Constitution important enough by itself to decide who you vote for. Don’t let the fear of losing your freedom make you just give it up altogether.

Be an American Make a ruckus. This is worth it, not to just to you, but to your children and theirs.

I am Jon, still hoping for that filibuster.