Fake United Nations International Monetary Fund EMail

A Pretty Face

Design is important. Whether we’re talking web sites or kitchens or cars or emails, the way something appears greatly influences our first impressions, and our expectations. This scam email gets that part right, but looking inside,past the fresh new face, we find the same mistakes, the same play on our assumed greed. Follow along, and remember, Scam Flags are in BOLD. I’ve broken it up into 3 sections, with my comments in between…

In Conjunction with the International Monetary Fund
OHCHR, Dalais Wilson, CH 1211 Geneva 10,Switzerland
Senior Human Rights Officer and international payment department

Date: 30 /05/08
Kind Attn: Beneficiary with African and European Countries


Sequel to the meeting we have with all the African country leaders regards to all the payment been owed by the Africa and Europe continents, the Chairman African Union (AU) with that of European Union (EU) have made it known to all the beneficiaries been owed by African and European countries via contract, inheritance, Lottery Winners, during There recent interview with British broadcasting co-operation (BBC) that all the debt been owed by the African and European countries should be paid to them via EU / AU account with the supervision of the International Monetary Fund Unit London UK, which you happened to be one of them.

Wow. That last paragraph is one long sentence. Any time I see that I know I’m dealing with a scammer. Not to mention all the little grammar errors tucked away in everything. From missing caps to misspelled words, these people haven’t got a clue how to write english.

You are advice to stop any further communication with anybdy and contact this office, The International Monetary Fund Unit London UK which the officer in-charge is
Mr. Anthony G. Leach
Email: unitednationorga@europemail.com
Tel +44 702 4099344
Fax: +44 870 9134316,
Your above fund has been deposited in your account stated below which was submitted to this office by your representative.
Some petitions we received made it known to us that some beneficiaries have loose all they have achieve in the life time due to the way African and European countries are asking them to pay one charge or the other in regards of their payment.

Be inform that your payment has been transfer into your account provided by your representative Mrs. Susan Wang below.

ACCOUNT NO 90887224091149
ROUTING NO 64585783

Here we find the typical strong advice to only talk to these guys about everything. I especially like the part about how some people are having to pay for the recovery of their lost cash, a direct reference to the tactics of many of these fake emails. And these guys seem to have a neat little twist: there’s evidently already an account set up by your agent with the money already transferred. All you have to do is claim it. I’m sure if you checked, they would tell you that yes, the cash is there and it’s all yours. All you have to do is contact this guy at the IMF who handles everything. The IMF, Monetary Fund for the Earth. But not enough money for this guy to use an IMF email address.

Please contact Mr. Anthony G. Leach immediately for the collection of your International Transfer Payment Advice (Payment Slip Or Telex Copy) to enable you confirm your payment in your account without further delay, he is the only authorized officer in International monitoring fund unit London UK to handle and witness your payment, any other further communication you have out side his office is at your own risk, and you are advice to stop making any further payment to any one without Mr Anthony G. Leach notice because he is the only authorize officer with International Monetary Fund unit London UK via African Union (AU) reserve account under united nations payment gazette .

We apologies to you and your company or family for what it might has cost you in the past without receiving your payment upon the charges and taxes you have paid before.
Get back to us immediately you confirmed your payment in your account to enable us close your payment file with us.
Best regards
Mr. Frej Fenniche,

Senior Human Rights Officer united nations Switzerlan
Email: uonf@mailpanda.com

And yet another epic length sentence. Here’s a hint: if you start feeling lost in the middle and starting over doesn’t help, the sentence is too long. But that’s not all. Besides being wrong about where the UN is located (not Switzerland), they even spelled it wrong. Other than that, more butchering of the english language, confusion with verbs, sentence structure and a completely different email address finish it out as a monumental failure. Still, I thought it needed to be published. Why?

The formatting was superb. There were 2 fonts used, both very common in business style communications. There were 3 font colors, which were used resonably well. The header was simple and effective, centered perfectly at the top. The entire email was presented very professionally, with bullet sized paragraphs, and even though the grammar was full of errors, the content was presented in an understandable way.

In other words, at least at some level, this thing worked. Don’t fall for it. Even if I found no holes in it grammatically, I would know it was a fake. How? Ask yourself: Who is Susan Wang? And why is there a Chinese bank involved in a joint venture between the AU and the EU? And since when did you actually lose anything to these scammers that anybody would ever repay you for? Do they really owe you any money?

I am Jon, and sometimes I just resort to common sense.

2 Replies to “Fake United Nations International Monetary Fund EMail”

  1. Irecieved a notice that I won $10, millon us dollars and the phone number they left is 447024097831 for payment to me, will you please see if aMr. Allen Owen works for you and please let me know, either by e-mail or phone 1-907-373-1224, thank you.

    My question to you would be 1. Did you enter any contest to win? If so, then call the guy – you won. If you did not, however, and judging by your comment you did not, then this is just another scam. Best to just delete it and forget it. (and why would any of these guys work for me? they probably hate my guts!)

  2. My name is shirley carraway I received a phone call telling me that I have won $950,000 from INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUNDS. i AM SUPPOSE TO GO TO THE WESTERN UNION P[AY $150 SEND IT TO A HARRISOA MORRIS BY 11:00 tomorrow get the ntc number call them back and the money will be delivered by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow with a fbi agent and the ups.Is this a scam I need to know as soon as possible before I get slamed! the man`s mame thatt called was a mr.roy washington.thanks shirley

    ~guaranteed scammer.

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