Fake Roger Ego EMail

Roger On Yer Ego!

I have to applaud this one. Choosing an informal, conversational tone, our intrepid scammer stands out from the pack. There are no long sentences full of what tries to pass as legalese. This scammer keeps it short and simple, avoiding most chances of mutilating the language. I could only find ONE glaring error. You’ll remember that I’ve said before that one error in an email might be acceptable. Here’s the email, short and sweet. Scam triggers are in BOLD

Vous êtes invité :: Reply & Call Me For More Details, Tel: +229 97444586.
Par votre hôte: Roger Onye Ego

Message: Dear Friend,

Mr Roger. O Ego is my name, an accountant & the auditor general of the ”BANK OF AFRICA” here in cotonou Republic of Benin.

I wish to know if we can work together. I would like you to stand as the next of kin to our deceased client who made a fixed deposit of USD$7.5m to our bank. He died without any next of kin and as such his funds now have an open beneficiary mandate.

Get back to me if you are interested on my private id: roger_boa@yahoo.fr


Mr Roger.

Date: jeudi, 3 avril 2008
Heure: 7 h 00 – 8 h 00 (GMT+00:00)

Viendrez-vous ? Répondre à cette invitation
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Not bad, huh? This guy actually speaks our language, in more ways than one. Let’s take this one apart a bit, shall we? The one obvious error is the lack of capitalization on the name of the city, “Cotonou”. Any other possible error is more a matter of style than anything else, and so cannot be counted. So why am I so positive that this is a scam?

My first tip-off was the name of this guy, “Roger Onye Ego”. Certainly it could be real, but say it the way it’s written a few times and you get what I wrote at the top of this post, “Roger on Your Ego”. How do I know it’s not the guy’s real name? He signed the email ‘Mr Roger’. Add to that the Yahoo email address (standard), and the words “open beneficiary mandate” and I’m getting the distinct impression something isn’t right.

But let’s forget the style, the grammar, all the technicalities of writing, and just read the blasted thing. What’s it all about? Quite simply, this guy is asking us to participate in illegally collecting 7.5 million dollars! That’s the ultimate tip-off. He’s asking us to help him steal some cash. If you go for this one, you probably deserve whatever happens.


I am Jon, always wary of my ego.

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  1. Yeah…they look like obvious scams but know of at least one situation where someone fell hook line and sinker…sigh. If only the path to riches were that easy…

  2. Thanks for stopping by and joining in the fun! Some of these things are pretty obvious, but some (like this one) have such an appeal that it’s easy to want to believe it. Sometimes the trick is just to remember exactly what you said: “If only the path to riches were that easy…”

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