If You Don’t Do Anything Else Today

If you don’t do anything else today, take 2 minutes and go to Lauren Weinstein’s blog and read this.

Lauren Weinstein
Lauren Weinstein

Lauren is one guy I have respected since the first time I found him, a long time ago. He’s been a part of this net mess since way before it became so messy. Please read what he has to say. You will find it, at the least, thought provoking and perhaps enlightening.

I am Jon, and I agree with Lauren.

p.s. if you’re from LA, be sure you check this out on Lauren’s site, about the upcoming February ballot. seems the local politicians out there have a neat little tax setup for you guys to vote on. geez, even if you’re not from LA, read it, and see how evil our elected officials have become. they do this stuff right out in the open, as if they don’t care if they’re caught…


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