Where Did My America Go?

Stop Taking Their Drugs, America!

Thanks to Karl Denninger, from The Market Ticker. PLEASE watch this video.

And from another Denninger post (emphasis original):

The entire reason we are in this mess is because banks and other institutions have been lying about their exposure, capital levels and valuations, and we the people have allowed it to go on for more than a decade.

As noted previously both Wachovia and National City were sold for about 1/3rd of their claimed balance sheet value just days before the sale.

Trillions of dollars off-balance-sheet?

Can anyone spell ENRON?

How many times do you need to be sheared, American Sheep? How many times do corporations get to intentionally hide so-called “assets” (making it impossible for investors, including you, to value the firm accurately) which turn out to be worth far less than they claim, before we start locking up executives en-masse and ejecting so-called “regulators” who are instead schmoozing the executives of the firms they’re supposed to be regulating?

It appears the answer is “at least one more time”, even though we had clear and unmistakable warning when ENRON blew up.

Will we ever learn?

Despite the fact that its supposed to be illegal to lie about valuations and other matters financial in our capital markets, neither you or any other Senator or Representative has (or will) place these executives and officials in the dock and demand they cough up all the supporting documentation to back their public statements (remember Bear Stearns and Lehman claiming they were “fine” just days before blowing up?) nor will you go after the people who caused those explosions, especially if they’re politically connected (gee, you don’t think that the NY Fed might have engineered Bear’s – and maybe Lehman’s – failure, do you?)

The documentation necessary to prove (or disprove) this will not be demanded and put into the public view, despite the fact that the entirety of The Federal Reserve System (and all its member banks) are in fact drawing upon and tampering with our funds, in that Federal Reserve Notes are in fact debt instruments drawn upon the government’s future ability to tax its citizens.

Damn My Hippie Generation!

Folks, haven’t you had enough of this crap yet?

Isn’t it becoming painfully obvious to you that your government is and has been lying to you all along, just so that their buddies in the corporate world can continue stealing you blind?

If you haven’t seen this yet for what it really is, STOP TAKING THOSE DAMNED DRUGS! And it’s not just the prozac and xanax I’m talking about.

Stop watching FOX. Stop watching CNN. Stop watching MSNBC. For the first time in years, I watched those guys today, just to see what brand of kool-aid America has been drinking. I was amazed.

Gone is any attempt at professionalism. All that I found was a clever (and I don’t mean that in the superlative way) concerted attempt, across all the networks, at OBVIOUS ATTEMPTS AT DISINFORMATION. Cleverly disguised as info-tainment. These guys are consummate performers. But honest? Don’t count on it.

So, what are you to do? You think it’s better to have some information, even if it’s unreliable? Would you stake your future on that? Or the future of your family?

STOP WATCHING THOSE ASSHATS! Start digging on the internet. Look through the CSPAN archives. Search intently for the ‘source documents’ which will tell you what is really going on.

Do you really need those unprofessional jerks at ‘Morning Joe’ to filter your news and information? Does that idiot biatch on CNN know more than you? Hint: SHE’S READING FROM A TELE-PROMPTER!

All those fools are nothing more than PARROTS, SAYING WHAT THEY’RE TOLD TO SAY, so that you, my fellow American, won’t descend on the District of Columbia and demand retribution from the liars and thieves who are ruining this economy. The guys who are walking away with literally trillions of dollars that belong to US.

Bush, Chaney, Paulson, Bernanke. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Digging deeper I am positive we will find famous folks from both sides of the political spectrum. How do we find them? Same as always: Follow The Money. Which, incidentally, adds up to more than 2 trillion dollars in the US so far (not counting the so-called bailout).

They are stealing us blind, because we are allowing them to do it. Damn my hippie generation! Where did the rest of us go?

I am Jon, undrugged and unhappy with our nation.

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