Pigs Attack in the 21st Century

Pig Mentality

All you young people: Have you ever wondered why my generation called most of the police ‘PIGS’? Watch the video of a bona fide New York City pig, doing what pigs do, and you will understand.

I am not saying that all police are this way. As I have said before, I count among my friends many who wear the blue and many who wear the brown.

None of them would do this.

Watch the pig go out of his way to slam the guy on the bike, who tries his best to avoid the pig

To the friends I have in uniform: I humbly thank you for the job you’re doing. I know you would never do something like this, so please, don’t.

To the cyclist who was arrested because the pig attacked: Sue the City of New York. Sue the NYPD. And sue that pig who attacked you.

To the asshats like the pig in this video: I dare you to come do that to me, pig. Please come try it.

To the NYPD: Who the hell do you guys think you are? Fire that son of a bitch and every pig on the force. You are there to protect, to serve the People! What part of that do you NOT UNDERSTAND?

Then again, what should we expect from PIGS….

I am Jon, and I eat pigs for breakfast.

(edit: I’ve been told that this one was a bit over the top in the anger category. Gee, I hate being angry. But I’d hate lying about it more…
You see, Wordout is a blog. I am allowed to display emotions here. I am allowed to state an opinion here. I am allowed to say anything here that I would say in public, as the blog itself is public, and open to commentary.
If you had seen the rampant brutality of the 60s and early 70s in America, the beatings of innocent and peaceful citizens simply exercising their patriotic rights of voicing dissenting opinions, if you had seen the pigs from that era, you would understand why I feel so vehemently about this story.
Just the fact that it happens at all is enough to make us fear a return to that way of government brutality. We cannot turn our eyes from it, and we cannot stifle our outrage. If we do that, we do not deserve the freedoms our Constitution guarantees.)

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  1. Fuck that guy, seriously, fuck him. Fuck everyone who makes it so that nothing happens to the fucker.

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