Aptera – LA to NC for 30 Bucks!

Meet Jon Jetson!

I learned from the website ecotality.com about Google’s investment in Aptera. Aptera is making my next vehicle, hopefully rolling off the assembly line early next year.

I know, I know… they won’t sell it to me here in North Carolina. Only California gets the honor of an affordable electric vehicle. I guess that’s because they’ve installed all those 110-volt outlets at all the gas stations along PCH.

But I am thinking that someone with about 30 large bills will want to buy me one to demonstrate that an all-electric vehicle, limited to about 120 miles between charges, could cross the country in about the same time as an old-style, clunky gasoline-powered oil-burning pollution machine.

Driving the speed limit and spending only 8 hours a day on the road, I could do that. All I need is for someone to buy the thing, then send me out there to pick it up and drive it here to North Carolina… heh. I could even live-blog it…

Watch the 2 minute video below. You’ll see why I want one. Hell, I might move back there for this.

Lots more videos over on Youtube. Just search for Aptera


The estimated cost per mile to drive the Aptera is about a penny. The way estimates are, that might be a bit low, so let’s double it. So now it costs about 2 cents a mile to drive it.

At 120 miles between charges, that means a full charge costs less than 2 and half dollars. Consider that an average economy car might get 450 miles on a tank, with a fill-up costing around 50 bucks. So multiply the cost of the Aptera times four to make it an equitable amount of miles.

The Aptera costs 10 bucks. The economy car at 35 mpg hits you up for 50 smackers. That’s a savings of 80% on your ‘transportation costs’.

Plus, absolutely Zero pollution out the back end. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

I am Jon. Send me 27,000 dollars.

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