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The Green Brief is the best source of information from Iran, gathered from sources which are verified as well as they can be, under the circumstances. Nearly all of this information is gathered via twitter sources from inside Iran. An extremely small set of sources, considering the millions of Iranians who, not so long ago, carried on conversations with the world.

Josh, aka NiteOwl, has become a voice for some of them, and a valuable window for the rest of the world. I can’t stress how much I personally appreciate Josh and his small team for the work they’re putting into all this. As an American, it might seem strange that I would care at all. I can only stress that we are all brothers, sisters, and cousins on this world. We all come from a different place and we each have a unique journey.

We all share that.

The Green Brief #57 (August 17 – Mordad 26)

I’m NiteOwl AKA Josh Shahryar – on twitter. I’m a journalist and a human rights activist and NOT Iranian. This is a compilation of news from Iran that I’ve gathered through twitter and Iranian sites that were advertised on twitter. Remember, this is all from tweets. (My work is released under Creative Commons (CC).)

These are the important happenings that I can positively confirm from Monday, August 17 – Mordad 26.

Protests / Unrest

1. In anticipation of the protest planned in front of Etemaade Melli’s office, in support of Karroubi, dozens of security forces were stationed in the vicinity of the newspaper office from early in the day. Dozens more were in the streets leading to the office, which is located near Karim Khan Bridge. Witnesses reported that many plain clothed security could be seen wearing green masks in front of the office.

2. Hundreds tried to gather in front of Etemaade Melli’s office, in defiance of the government. Women outnumbered men during the protest. People chanted “Allaho Akbar”, “Noble People of Iran; Support Us!”, “Down With the Deceitful Government” and “Death to the Dictator”, as they tried to get closer to the office’s gates. They also made the victory sign.

3. Security forces started beating protesters as soon as they got close to the main gate and dispersed them. Riding motorbikes, Basijis also joined the security forces, herding protesters away from the main gate and onto the streets. This forced many people to move towards Valiasr Square. Many abruptly stopped midway and chanted slogans again.

4. According to confirmed reports, besides beating many protesters very badly, security forces also employed cameramen, to take pictures of protesters, to identify people so they could be arrested later. Partially confirmed reports also suggested the use of tear gas during the protest. Several people were badly injured after being hit by batons. The arrest of at least a dozen protesters can be confirmed. Even after the protesters left the scene, many security forces remained to ensure they did not return.

5. Independent of the gathering in front of Etemaade Melli, it has been reported that during the evening, dozens of family members of slain protesters and political prisoners, gathered at Laleh park in protest and held a small rally.

6. As previously reported, 65 detainees at Evin are on an indefinite hunger strike. Reports indicate that these detainees are housed in the 7th Quarantine section of the prison. Their names could not be obtained.

7. Note: I have been asked by a few readers why some news items, being covered by the international media, as well as being posted on twitter, are not covered in the Briefs; for example, the government arresting and fining people who chant Allaho Akbar from their rooftops. The reason is, these items have been covered by the Briefs over the weeks and I continue to report them from time to time however, putting them in every Brief is repetitive. The only section repeated in each Brief are the ‘ads’ under the International Protests section.


8. It has been a quiet day for the opposition. The main news was that Karroubi’s son confirmed that Etemaade Melli had been banned because of Karroubi’s reply to the criticism, directed at him by the government, government-owned media and hardliners.

9 In a meeting on August 16, former President Khatami told former parliamentarians that the true protectors of the Islamic Republic were not those “who showed in recent months that they are uprooting the republic and Islamic nature of the establishment, but rather the reformists who were upholding the stability of the republic”. He also criticized the rampant lawlessness that followed the election and those who had broken the law whilst dealing with peaceful protesters.

Government / International

10. The inauguration ceremony of Sadegh Larijani, as the head of Iran’s judiciary was held today in Tehran at in the main Judiciary building. Hashemi Rafsanjani, Ali Akbar Nategh Nouri, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Ali Larijani, Ahmad Jannati, Mohsen Rezaie, Sardar Safavi, Sardar Jafari, Mohammad Baqer Ghalibaf, Ali Younusi, Sayed Mohammad Jahrami, Saeed Mortazavi, Ahmad Reza Radan, Mohammad Javad Larijani, Abbasali Kadkhodaie and other high-ranking officials, including MPs and ministers attended the ceremony.

11. Sadegh Larijani, in his speech said “Nobody should dare or reserve himself the right to act against the law, violate people’s right or take away their security and peace of mind”. He hinted that those who had broken the law and violated people’s rights will be brought to justice.

PressTV’s report on the event then adds, [The new judiciary chief then admitted that Iran’s judicial system has been suffering from various shortcomings, which he said should be dealt with respect to their priority. “In this critical mission, I vow not to show mercy to wrongdoers,” the newly-appointed judiciary chief said, promising to subject them to the court of law.]

12. During the ceremony, Ahmadinejad and Rafsanjani sat on either side of Sadegh Larijani and it appeared they exchanged a few words.

Ahmadinejad criticized power-holders and the rich during his speech – a clear sign of his attack on Rafsanjani. PressTV quoted him as saying, “If the power-holders and the wealthy are taken to court, then there would be no place left for those who hold lower ranks to commit any wrongdoings”. He also praised the statements made by Sadegh Larijani.

Partially confirmed reports suggest that Nategh Nouri left the ceremony the minute Ahmadinejad stood up to give his speech.

13. During his speech, Rafsanjani warned the government against unjust verdicts for the defendants of recent trials. He added that, if the nation felt that detainees were not treated fairly, “society will descend into chaos”. He added that the fair treatment of detainees will further the trust among the nation’s people.

14. Partially confirmed reports from two sources, indicated that the new Judiciary Chief Larijani, plans on replacing Attorney General Saeed Mortazavi, who has been accused, as one of the principal men behind the torture and mistreatment of the detainees, besides being personally involved in the arrest of many high-ranking reformists – including Hajjarian.

15. Other reports indicate that Ali Akbar Mehrabian, who has been presented as the new Minister for Industries and Mining and Fatemeh Ajorlou, who has been presented as the new Minister of Welfare and Social Security, are going to face hurdles in the parliament because of court indictments in the past.

16. The Iranian Chief of Joint Staff, Fairouzabad, published a letter addressed to the Hidden Imam – the 12 Shi’ite Imam, who disappeared centuries ago and is said to come at the end of times – in ISNA on August 12, the letter called the protesters violent and praised the Basijis for their actions during the protests.

Full Text in English: MEMRI: Latest News

17. Khamenei has appointed Hashemi Shahroudi – the retired head of Iran’s Judiciary – to the Expediency Council and the Guardian Council.

18. French President Nicolas Sarkozy has asked Iran to drop all charges against Clotilde Reiss.

19. The European Students’ Union released a letter yesterday condemning the Iranian government’s attacks on university dorms. The letter accused the government of attempting to violently suppress peaceful protests in Iran.

20. Reports indicate that Jordan’s King Abdullah, sent a letter congratulating Ahmadinejad on his victory in the election.

Arrested / Released / Killed

21. New reports confirm the death of another protester, Hossien Beg Araghi, who was killed on June 20 by a single bullet to the heart on Enghelab Avenue. Araghi was 22 years old and a resident of Nabard Boulevard in southern Tehran. It has been reported that the shot was fired by plain clothed security man, while on his way home.

His body was returned to his family, five days later, after they paid a hefty sum of money. Araghi was laid to rest at Beheshte Zahra Cemetery.

22. Reports indicate that Hedayat Aghaie has now given a confession, stating he had a hand in the unrest.

23. Hasan Souri – a reformist from Borujerd – was arrested and taken to Tircheh Block detention center in Borujerd. Reports also indicate that a high-ranking cleric in Qom, who holds many scholarly positions and was the manager of Mousavi’s campaign wing for clerics has been arrested.

24. Good news, Amir Mohsen Mohammadi, Kaveh Mozaffari, Dr. Hosseinali Arab and Ali Asghar Khodayari were released from Evin.


25. PressTV broke another barrier and displayed a bit of honest reporting.

In one of their reports, published on their website about Sadegh Larijani’s inauguration, they stated, “Following the controversial trial of post-vote detainees, a Principal lawmaker, Hamid Resaie, told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that “the confessions have opened the way to dealing with the leaders of the unrest. There is no longer any reason to tolerate or compromise”.

So far, it is the only government owned newspaper that has accepted the trials are controversial.
Link to the story (English): Ahmadinejad wants certain power-holders in court

26. The websites of Reja and Iran Daily, have jointly published an article calling for Ayatollah Sane’ie, to be lashed for calling President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a bastard at the end of his speech in Gorgan and for accusing the government of torturing detainees. The article also insults Sane’ie many times calling him a “slanderer”, “sinner” and “lewd”. It is worth noting that Iran Daily is considered the mouthpiece of Ahmadinejad.

27. The government has now banned Aftaabe Yazd – another newspaper who published Karroubi’s letter – as well as Sarmayeh.

28 Officials from the Judiciary are supposed to be meeting with the editor-in-chief of Etemaade Melli, to discuss the issues that brought about the temporary ban on the newspaper.


29. Pictures of Greens’ graffiti in Iran: Untitled.jpg (image)

International Protests / Events / Efforts / Warnings

30. PLEASE READ THIS FOR YOUR SAFETY’S SAKE: Safeguard Your Personal Info and Your Finances! – Why We Protest – IRAN(Jon’s note: US citizens should read this)

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32. For a list of protests that are being planned in Germany, please visit this link: Julia’s Blog: Protests and rallies in Germany (subject to change w/o notice) (English and German) (Courtest of @jkshalmani)

33. A to the point website for help traumatized Greens: Healing the Green Soul

(If you, your friends or your organization are holding events, protests or doing something else related to the Iranian election internationally, please send me an email with details and I will give you coverage. (Will only cost you 10 million dollars!) My email is:

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