For What Purpose Does The Gentleman Rise?

An Article of Impeachment of George W Bush

Dennis Kucinich has begun another bid to have the House consider impeachment proceedings against Bush. This time, there is only one article listed. Watch the short video below.

“There has been a breach of faith between the Commander in Chief and the troops. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 or with Al Qaeda’s role in 9/11. Iraq had neither the intention nor the capability of attacking the United States…Iraq did not have weapons of Mass of Destruction. Yet George W. Bush took our troops to war under all of these false assumptions. Given the profound and irreversible consequences to our troops, if his decision was the result of a mistake, he must be impeached. Since his decision was based on lies, impeachment as a remedy falls short, but represents at least some effort on our part to demonstrate our concern about the sacrifices our troops have made.”
Representative Kucinich, in a letter to his colleagues in the House

The move is getting lip service in Washington, but my guess is nothing will come of it.

I am Jon, wryly smiling in the dark.

For more info on this check out TheRawStory and ThinkProgress .

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