Who Said This – Bush or Obama?

Iranian Misile Launch FakedImage by Wired.com via AFP
Governments Lie…

Iran recently tested some missiles. Perhaps you’ve heard about it. The photo was splashed everywhere, it seemed. Four Iranian missiles launching perfectly into the Persian sky.

Except the picture was a fake, altered to show a perfect launch. In fact, it appears that at least one of the missiles failed to launch. So the missile test wasn’t such a perfect success, after all. And the global PR campaign that the pictures supported was an abject failure.

But that didn’t stop the political posturing here in the US. Below is a quote from one of the most prominent figures in American politics. Can you guess who said this (highlights mine):

“These missile tests demonstrate once again that we need to change our policy to deal aggressively with the threat posed by the Iranian regime. Through its nuclear program, missile capability, meddling in Iraq, support for terrorism, and threats against Israel, Iran now poses the greatest strategic challenge to the United States in the region in a generation. Now is the time to work with our friends and allies, and to pursue direct and aggressive diplomacy with the Iranian regime backed by tougher unilateral and multilateral sanctions. It’s time to offer the Iranians a clear choice between increased costs for continuing their troubling behavior, and concrete incentives that would come if they change course. As these tests have reaffirmed, the threat from Iran’s nuclear program is real and it is grave. As President, I will do everything in my power to eliminate that threat, and that must begin with direct, aggressive, and sustained diplomacy.”

Obama Is Right, Just Not In The Correct Way

It might surprise some of you that Senator Obama said this. Even though our own National Intelligence Estimate(pdf) released in December said that Iran most likely hasn’t had a nuclear weapons program in over 5 years, Obama says ‘the threat from Iran’s nuclear program is real and it is grave.’

This just REEKS of Bullicus Shitticus. This guy sounds exactly like Bush did in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq. He is making plainly false statements, playing on baseless fears. I’m definitely not a McCain supporter, but I have to call a liar a liar and, Mr. Obama, you are a liar of the worst sort.

When you can make statements like this, employing outright lies focused on manipulating the emotions of the American people, with the obvious intent to stir us into anger so that once elected you, too, can wage an illegal war of aggression with our ‘informed’ support, then you are not just moving toward the right.

Mr Obama, You Are The Right’s Right Hand Man.

I am Jon, and I despise liars. I snicker in their general direction.

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  1. Nous Tenons Á Notre Avis

    It is in our nature to believe that our opinion is the right opinion. But everyone, be they liberal or conservative, understands that another war will break the back of the American economy.

    Add to this the fact that Iran has over ten million men of military age, and it becomes an issue of both blood and treasure. The only way that America can stand against such an opposition is through a prolonged campaign of lethal air strikes, which will involve the slaughter of innocent civilians and bring the rightful outrage of the entire world upon our heads.

    Not only would an attack against the sovereign state of Iran be wrong, it would be extremely foolish.
    President Bush-
    Il ne desire pas paix
    Il ne desire rien mais guerre.
    Il tient un livre de douleur et larmes
    Il tient á ouvrir.
    Il ne parait pas que il comprend
    Il ne s’agit pas de legs…
    Il ne faut pas ouvrir ce livre
    Il ne contiennent que mort.

    (He does not desire peace
    He does desire nothing but war.
    He holds a book of pain and tears
    He would like to open it.
    It does not seem that he understands
    It is not a legacy…
    Do not open this book
    It contains only death.)translated by Babelfish

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