Dec Total Unemployment Tops 13%

The Thin Blue (And Red) Line

Interesting graphic showing the ‘nominal’ rate (that’s the figure the that gets the most media coverage) plotted against the ‘Total’ rate (which is self-explanatory). Read the blue line on the left side and the red line on the right side.

Thanks to Barry at The Big Picture for passing this along.

A Slice Of The Pie

How much is 13%, anyway. What would that look like?

Take a pie. Cut it the way you normally do, by halving it 4 times. Now eat a piece.

That’s how many folks can’t find enough, or any, work. One in every 8 working-aged Americans.

You may as well go ahead and eat another piece of that pie. Before this is all over that number will most likely double, so go ahead and take out another piece.

Now, look at that pie. One quarter of it’s gone. At least that many folks are going to be hurting for a job. That’s 1 out of every 4 Americans. And the stuff that The Obama is talking about won’t do a thing to help it.

So look around. Who’s next?

I am Jon. Do your homework.

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