The Ballad Of The Bailout Of 2008

I used to think that Freddie Mac was a pimp,
but now my mutual fund is the one walking with a limp

And Fannie Mae, you almost failed me, boo
–But the faithful feds, they bailed you.

Poor Lehman Brothers….yall got the shaft (shaft!)
The government said, good luck with that (shaft!)

And AIG, old Uncle Sam he loaned you
85 Billion, but now he owns you.

Some cry out, Weve become a socialist state!
While others say, We need to regulate.
Should I vote McCain or pull the lever for O-bama?
Im thinkin either way, Ill be movin back in with momma.
(but the cookins good—and I think she’ll drive me to work)

You see, I dont have much job security
Im an internet comedian…Im not sure thats even technically a job. I dont think it is.
I cant put my finger on it; but you know things have gone wrong
when I cant even afford to finish this…

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I am Jon, and at least I can afford to finish this sentence.