A Vote For Obama…

Is A Vote For Obama Dammit!

The New World Order Needs To Learn A Lesson

Those of us who’ve been around for more than 8 years remember when we, as a nation, believed in our voting system. When I voted for Carter I knew Carter got my vote. When I voted for Reagan, he got it. When I voted for the elder Bush, I knew he got my vote. He didn’t win the second time around, but then again, I switched up and voted Clinton that time. At least I knew who got my vote.

Since 2000, elections have seemed, shall we say, squirrely. After all votes were counted in 2000 and 2004, we found out that Bush didn’t actually win either. In fact, in 2004, we found that in Ohio, many votes counted for Bush were actually cast for the other guy.

Hopefully that won’t happen again. The neoconservatives can only make that kind of theft work if it’s a close race. Don’t let it be a close race. Make sure nothing, and I mean NOTHING stops you from getting there and casting your vote on election day. Make sure those guys who ushered in the New World Order hear your voice.

If you’re not registered and you want to vote for Obama, for crying out loud GET REGISTERED TODAY. You are running out of time!

I am the Republican, Jon. Let’s be careful out there this year. We cannot afford to let the neocons steal this one.

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