Average Stay

Chances are you’ll be here at Wordout between 2 and 4 minutes. That’s the range of average stays for about 90% of readers here. The average stay here on earth is between 30,000 and 40,000 days for most of us. That’s up from just 7,000 days (2,000 years ago). So far, it’s taken about 8 seconds to read this paragraph.

Zero Day

Armageddon loomingImage by nimboo via FlickrThat’s what we call a web exploit that we don’t have any defenses against. Zero Day means we have to act fast, take chances, patch things up as best we can as fast as we can so we don’t lose it all. Zero Day means we’re out of time. We don’t even have that 8 seconds you spent on the 1st paragraph, or the 10 you spent on this one.

We Are They

Like it says at the top of this page, 350 is the limit. We’re already over the limit. It’s a Zero Day scenario, folks. We don’t have time to come up with an elegant solution to this problem. We can’t afford to sit here thinking, they will fix it. We are that They. We have to act now.

There Is A Way

Give me just another 97 seconds. Power begins with knowledge. Watch the video.




I am Jon. 350 is the limit. Tell people.


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  1. I would Stumble this but don’t see the link at the bottom of the post…Good and to the point. Maybe more on this in the future?

  2. Wow, I am still editing (live, one of my shortcomings) and already a comment. Try it again Dawn, I think the links are there now.

    And Thanks for reading Wordout!

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