Tron Lives!

Greetings Programs!

BricyclesBrian, over at Bricycles has an idea I really like. Well, he actually has 2 ideas I really like. Each of them are ways to combat both global warming and our dependence on oil for energy.

His first idea is simple: Don’t wait for the government or the corporations to come up with a solution. At this point, it looks like there’s no help coming from those two areas. The best ideas may be the ones we come up with ourselves.

His second idea is almost as simple on the surface: Build a one-person transport that can handle most everyday needs, which produces zero emissions, using materials readily available to almost anyone. Now, nobody is suggesting (at this point) that we drive these things across the country, but for around-town driving and short trips, they’re perfect.

There’s one more thing he’s doing that just gets the SciFi kid in me rocking, though. I don’t know if he planned this part, but to me, his design looks like one of the lightbikes from the movie, Tron.
I might be (carbon)dating myself, but Tron gets my vote every time.

I am Jon, and I just gotta tell you, I like these kinds of ideas.

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