The Name Is The Game

Indigo Knows My Name

I’ve told you how Indigo recognizes so many different things on the web. One of my favorite things it understands is People. Check this out. We’ll use my name, Jon Knight, as our first example. I’ve never published any books. I’m not a celebrity. I’m just Jon, your host here at Wordout. My only claim to fame, such as it is. Drag your mouse across my name so it’s highlighted.

indigo people
Indigo Recognizes Names Represent A Person

Right away Indigo lets you know that you’ve highlighted a person. Okay, now right click it so the context menu appears. Near the bottom you’ll see Person Menu: “Jon Knight”, and if you hover over that another Smartmenu appears with specific links to me on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Flickr and MyBlogLog. Or you can do a more general search for any links to me using Google or, or for more links on this site. (Which makes no sense right now but would be a nice feature if you were anywhere else but Wordout right now.)

Go ahead and try some of the links. Click on the LinkedIn link in the menu. You’ll see it takes you to a page listing several Jon Knights, and I am there in the list. If you do a general search using you might see several results on the 1st page that refer to me. This is interesting, only because there is indeed a famous celebrity with the same name.

Indigo Knows Lots Of Names

So lets use somebody else’s name. I’ll pick one at random from my Top Blogs list in the sidebar. BlueBlog, published by AdaptiveBlue, regularly posts helpful tips about BlueOrganizer Indigo and SmartLinks. That’s as good a place as any to find a real person.

Alex Iskold is somewhat more well-known than I am, and his name is less common, so let’s use his name. Drag the mouse across Alex (gently) and light him up. Looking through the Person Menu, you’ll find similar links for Alex. You can check out his Twitter profile, or LinkedIn, or browse his more than 600 photos on Flickr. (There’s a sandcastle on page 6 that is awesome!)

Anyway, you get the idea. With these smart menus that know what you’re looking at, finding relevant information about people you meet on the web is a breeze. And with Indigo in your Firefox AddOn arsenal, you get this everywhere you go on the web. See someone you want to know more about? Light’em up and see what there is to find.

I read alot on the web, and I like to know more about the author sometimes, maybe see some other things she’s written, or suss out his network a bit. I used to go through this routine of copy/paste/search several engines/sift through results. Now, with the Indigo upgrade, I can do all that in a fraction of the time with practically no effort at all. Which means I can do more, and not necessarily sitting in front of this screen.

Indigo Knows More Than Names

Indigo is something I use every day. It’s not just that it knows people. It knows other things, too. I’ll be showing you some more cool stuff about Indigo in some upcoming stories, so be sure to clickback to Wordout, or hit the FeedMe! button to get the RSS feed. There’s a few people who just get Wordout in their Email.

Hmmm, that saves even more time….
I am Jon, and I am going outside while it’s still there to go to.