Great Ways Indigo Rocks, Artists & Music

BlueOrganizer Indigo is teh Indishizzle. Word.

aladdinsaneYesterday I showed you how Indigo recognizes names, over 500 of them, actually. Today, I’m looking at links to artists and music. How does Indigo help us with these things? Let’s start with artists. One of my all-time favorites is David Bowie.

That link points to his space on If you click the link it will still take you straight to Indigo will pick up on this and you’ll notice, your BlueMark up there by the address bar will change to a microphone to reflect this. If you hover over the Smartlink icon, you’ll see that Indigo knows that the link represents an artist, and right clicking on the link itself will give you the People Menu at the bottom, just like the People Menu in the last article. Indigo knows that Bowie is a person, as well as an artist.

This time, let’s left click the Smartlink icon and take a look at the Smartlink Menu. Where the right click context menu gives us “People” options, the SmartLink Menu gives us “Artist” options. Even though the link points to, we have our choice of several others, like Rhapsody and iTunes. We can check out other things that are useful, like looking for photos or videos, looking up lyrics and finding tour dates.

Listen To Free Music, Right Now.

All this stuff about Bowie makes me want to hear some. So now I’m looking at this link to the Station To Station album on Rhapsody. You’ll notice if you hover your mouse over the Smartlink icon it shows you that this is a link to an album. Right clicking the link gives you the Music Menu and the Text Menu for contextual shortcuts. Bringing up the Smart Menu gives you alot of choices which make sense for an album. I can look up the lyrics, read reviews, buy the thing from several sources, and, as always, save it on any of my favorite social networks.

I click on through, of course, because I want to listen to the thing. The Station To Station page opens and I click play on the song “Stay”. Just a couple of seconds later I’m jammin’, man. I’m saving that SmartLink. I know I’ll be going back there again. I jump back to Wordout and go to the Bowie space. Looking through the albums I choose “Aladdin Sane” and then I’m listening to the title track for the 1st time in a couple of years. And saving another album. If you’ve never heard that song, go there and listen to it. The piano work is incredible!

See why I like Indigo so much? It saves time, and helps me do what I want to do anyway. I can jump from one place to another, from one object to another, and use them as if they were here in front of me. And I can do all this in an instant. What used to take me several minutes now takes only a few seconds. With Indigo in my Firefox, it just rocks.

Tying The Verticals Together

There’s more to tell about Indigo though. It knows books and movies, restaurants and wines, stocks and so much more. And there’s the cool widgets you can make and use on your blog or your website. There’s the tight integration with other applications like Twitter. I said it before, Indigo is a big deal. All these so-called “verticals” are starting to be tied together. The ties are tenuous, yes, but still, that creates some “horizontals”, and that creates the next web.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, by all means, go and get it! It doesn’t cost anything. AdaptiveBlue will not misuse your data. In fact, they put you in charge of it. There’s really no reason not to get it. All these semantic features are already there, in the web. You and I are both on the same internet, so why shouldn’t you get the same benefits, and the same functionality, out of it as I do?

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I am Jon. Word(out).

Remember, Jon is just a user of SmartLinks and Indigo, and has no financial relationship with AdaptiveBlue.