Beta Testing

This site is now released for Beta testing to a select group of invitees (you know who you are!) . As you’re poking around in here, don’t forget to add the RSS to your Firefox. You don’t want to miss a thing…


The FAQ Frequently Asked Questions still is not finished. It displays, and accepts questions… but still it doesn’t work.
The Comment Preview button is currently broken. The Submit comment button works.

For the next several days comments will be open. This means that anyone can leave a comment without registering. Once the Beta testing is completed, users will be required to be registered and logged on to leave a comment.

I’m trying to get the F-SecureĀ® World Map over there to the right in that blank area. Currently waiting on a response from F-Secure to see if they will let me do that. (Here is a short 40 second video at YouTube showing the World Map in action.)

The aim of Wordout is to provide relevant news, facts and commentary on any facet of technology, computing and science in general. Many of the topics I covered before will be included, but current topics will be limited to these general interests. The site is public, and is primarily used by members of the On Call On Siteā„¢ program, a group of select business and residential customers of Computergeek Services.

Again, thanks… just place your comments on this post so I will see them.


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  1. I like this wordpress engine alot, it looks good. Good color choices, too.. very easy to read. It scales to resolutions pretty good too, and doesn’t look bad in IE either.

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