Singin’ Penguins – The Puzzle

(And A RuffPC Contest Update)
I am extremely impressed and thankful to all you who have voted for my RuffPC contest entry. I’ve decided that if I win the laptop, I will use it to maintain this site and its sister site, Private Preview. Right now I am sharing that duty with another very overworked machine that has an extra hard drive hanging out of it, attached only by the cables. Ask my sisters. It’s a mess.

So anyway, thanks to you folks I have a reasonable chance of winning the contest. As of 7:30pm Sunday here on the east coast, there’s only 3 votes separating me from the leader, so every vote counts. Get your friends to look at the entries and vote. Vote for the Wordout video of your choice, but vote!

I won’t give you 10 dollars of free advertising in my free advertising section, but I will give you this puzzle:


(And An AdaptiveBlue Christmas Plug)

Don’t forget: Tomorrow begins the AdaptiveBlue Christmas Week at Wordout! I promise that by the end of the week, you’ll not only know who these guys are, but you’ll know what they do, and what that blasted Semantic Web thing is anyway… at least, what it could be.

I am Jon, and I thank you for your support.


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