RSS Feed Changes

This week I have decided to use Feedburner as the RSS manager for Wordout. As a result, many of you who have subscribed in the past are no longer receiving the feed. (I know this because suddenly I realized I wasn’t getting it anymore.)

There’s a simple fix for this problem. Just delete the old feed, and then sign up for it again, using any of the many links I have provided here on the site. There’s one down there at the bottom left of this post that says FEED ME! Go ahead and do it now, and I’ll wait right here while you do…..

If you have any trouble with subscribing, just drop me an email or use the Contact button at the top of the screen. I’ll be happy to send you detailed instructions on how to get it all going again.

I am Jon, the guy who might have messed up your RSS feed. But I’m willing to fix it.

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