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Uhh… I Got Behind A Bit…

I got a bit behind this past week. Whether treating my illness or dealing with Thanksgiving, I just didn’t have enough time to keep up here at Wordout. So here is my recent reading list, which I am STILL behind on. My reading list is usually where I get the beginning information for many of the pieces I publish here. Since I am so far behind, some of these things may never get the chance to appear here, but they are worth looking into for those of you who are interested.

For those of you who are not: move along, nothing to see here right now.

Failed Bank List

Too Tired To Succeed

Atlas Shrugged (updated for the markets)

Credit Crisis — The Essentials

Why Did TARP Change Course?

$7.8 TRILLION Bailout

Climate Progress – The Northwest Passage “Not One Cube Of Ice”

Trading Analog Dollars For Digital Pennies

Robert Rubin, Citibank CEO: ‘Nobody was prepared…’

More on Rubin, Citi

Higher Interest Rates on Public Debt

WorldBank Quarterly – China

Nassim Taleb

I am Jon, and that is about an average day’s reading, plus a bit.

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