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Diving In

All I can say is, maybe I am getting a little bit too old to try to learn new tricks.

I can fool around with the blog here, do little things like change the CSS and play with the widgets, mostly copy-and-paste type stuff. I can even do a bit with php and html in an editor. But I’ve never actually ‘learned’ how to code.

I remember back in the mid 80s I read a few books on ‘programming’. I was rather interested in Forth for awhile, but an accident kinda sidelined me for a few years and the time just passed me by. I dove backwards into a pool of water about 2 feet deep. I just forgot about it after that.

So here I am, curiously enough, about the amount of years since the accident as I was old when the accident occurred. I’ve always felt like I was starting over somehow, from scratch, and it’s been interesting how in some ways this life parallels that one. It makes me wonder sometimes what I would be doing now if all that had been avoided…

Regardless, here I sit taking a break from my meticulous study of javascript. I’ve decided that the best way to do what I want to do is from within the browser, so I’ll be developing a Firefox extension.

Hopefully, soon.

I am Jon. I want to change your world. (insert bwah ha ha here)


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