Local Federal Economic Recovery Spending

Rockingham County, North Carolina


AdvanceNotice: Preventive maintenance for a fleet of 21 vehicles $46,575
Project Type: AdvanceNotice
Project Owner: Rockingham Public Access Transportation
Location: North Carolina, United States, Rockingham (NC)
Estimated Value: $46,575
Estimated Jobs: N/A – Congressional Budget Office
As compared with
1 – White House Council of Economic Advisors
Category: Vehicles – Fleet / Motor Pool Operations, Vehicles – Vehicle Maintenance / Fleet Operation
Market Sector: State/Municipal
Publication Date: 06/17/2009
Description: FEDERAL ECONOMIC RECOVERY SPENDING. Rural ARRA Projects. County: Rockingham. Transit System: Rockingham County Council on Aging Inc., operating as Rockingham Public Access Transportation. Project Description: Preventive maintenance for a fleet of 21 vehicles. Recovery Funds: $46,575.

Of course I left a comment there:

$2200 For Each Vehicle? Preventive Maintenance? This is absurd. A blatant waste of the funds. A good example of how we got into this mess in the first place – Unrestrained Greed.

Preventive maintenance is stuff like oil changes, tire rotation and flushing radiators. How much preventive maintenance can you do with more than $2 thousand?

This is our taxpayer dollars, folks.