AdaptiveBlue – BlueOrganizer’s Semantic Stuff

The Bird’s Eye View

Ask most experts and you will hear that the Semantic web must be built from the ground up. Part of what that means is that, in places, we would almost have to start over. And other places would end up abandoned forever, like ancient ruins in the dust, or hand-scribed books, too old to open.

AdaptiveBlue’s BlueOrganizer looks at the web from the top, down. BlueOrganizer recognizes what you like. It understands things, knows the best way to manipulate them. When it sees a new CD on your screen, it knows which service you’ll probably want to use to listen to it, or buy it. Or maybe you want to add it to a wish list, or share it with your friends on your social network. BlueOrganizer gives you all these options and more, with a single click. DVD? Same thing, with slightly different, relevant choices. And books and wine and places and sports and artists and toys and video games and… well, you get the picture. The list keeps growing.

With the bird’s eye view, BlueOrganizer can see the already established “verticals” in the internet. There’s no special work to be done on our part, because these columns of data are easily accessible to anyone willing to use them. BlueOrganizer takes advantage of these columns and provides you with certain options that are inherent in each. It knows that though you might want to download Red Red Wine, you certainly wouldn’t drink it. Using a top-down approach to the problems of the Semantic web allows us to take advantage of what we have available now, and build towards what we want in the future.

So How Do We Use It?

Here’s the best part. Just install it from their link on the AdaptiveBlue site (or you can use this one) . It installs as an addon to your Firefox browser, giving you quick and easy access to your options. You can create a BlueMark by just clicking the button or you can click the arrow to display a drop-down menu with options relevant to the thing you’re looking at. This works with any page you find yourself on.

Here’s a quick video (3 mins) to give you an idea on just some of the things you can get out of BlueOrganizer:

BlueOrganizer Introduction

Bookmark Hell, BlueMark Heaven

You’ll remember I have been referring to BlueOrganizer as the best way I know to manage your bookmarks. If you’re like me, you’ve built up so many that you can’t find some of them any more. Using BlueOrganizer to create your BlueMarks makes it easy. I could drone on about it, but Andy says it so much better in this short video (At least, I think it’s Andy). Watch to see BlueOrganizer in action:

Manage Your BlueMarks

Options – You Control Your Data

One more thing… once you’ve installed it, check out the BlueOrganizer Options panel in the BlueMenu. The MySites tab gives you control over how BlueOrganizer personalizes your sites. The SmartLink Feeds tab lets you setup how you want to share your Bluemarks with the world. Wordout happily displays 2 BlueOrganizer badges. You’ll see them over in the right sidebar. The Auto BlueMark tab does just what it says. That’s where you go to setup the automatic functions you want, if any. The Account Settings button gives you choices to change some information about your account. It also gives you the opportunity to login to another account. With BlueOrganizer, you can have any number of accounts. And you control them all.

That’s not all there is to BlueOrganizer. If you’re like me, you want to share some of that stuff with your friends, family and anybody-and-everybody else, and BlueOrganizer is the best way I know to do it. But it will take another full article to tell you about the BlueOrganizer SmartLinks Feeds, and the dozens of other widgets that are available from AdaptiveBlue.

I am Jon, and I am starting to see how this Semantic Stuff might be useful….

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