Virginia Foxx – Stupid Is Anti-American

bush is a dumbassSo Is Virginia Foxx
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Thanks to ThinkProgress and CQ Politics for pointing this out. From the CQ article:

A second-term lawmaker from Watauga County, N.C., Foxx has made a practice of referring to Democrats as the “anti-American energy” party because many of them oppose expanding oil and gas drilling off the nation’s coasts and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

But Foxx went even further last month, according to a transcript of House floor proceedings on Sept. 17.

“We had a great opportunity to pass a bill yesterday that would have created more American energy, but my colleagues on the other side don’t seem to be in favor of more American energy. They seem to be anti-American energy, just as many other things that they support seem to be anti-American power and anti-American control,” Foxx said.

Democratic Rep. Betty McCollum of Minnesota asked the presiding officer whether the language was appropriate.

“The last speaker just referred to the Democrats, including myself, as anti-American,” McCollum said. “Is that a custom and usage of this House to refer to one another in such a manner?”

The presiding officer declined to offer an opinion, and McCollum chose not to have Foxx’s words “taken down” and read to the House for a decision on whether to reprimand Foxx.

McCollum said there was no doubt in her mind that Foxx was calling her and other Democrats anti-American.

“The whole incident in my opinion was inappropriate. It’s childish to do name-calling,” McCollum said on Wednesday. “This isn’t just about me. This is also about the people who vote for me … When you start saying a senator, a member of Congress is anti-American, that’s a reflection on the people in the district who sent them there.”

For your viewing pleasure, I present Virginia Foxx, spouting off more anti-American tripe.

What the hell does that mean: ‘devise a way’? Sounds like divisive, un-American bullshit to me. Anybody remember McCarthy? Ma’am, you should be ashamed… at least embarrassed.

You sure as hell make us tarheels look like dumbasses… and you know what? That’s downright un-neighborly of you.

Un American

It is un-American to be unilaterally dismissive of others’ opinions. It is un-American to accuse someone whose views differ from yours of being against America, simply because you disagree with them.

It is un-American to lie to the People who elected you (although it is so easily and repetitively done) about major issues which affect our nation. Where energy is concerned, only an idiot thinks we can maintain oil as a base energy solution when we cannot possibly drill enough to meet our needs.

Even if we drill 100% of all the oil we have, we would fall severely short of meeting our demand. We only have about 3% of the world’s oil. We use 25% of it. ‘Drill Baby Drill’ is not only impossible, it’s stupid.

It is un-American to insinuate that oil is an ‘American’ energy solution. The facts are the facts, whether we like them or not. It’s un-American to hope the People are stupid enough to fall for this crap. Drilling for oil is certainly the most UN-AMERICAN thing we can do to solve our energy problems.

Vote Her Out!

Seriously, we don’t need just another lying politician trying to appease her Big Oil Overlords. Haven’t we had enough of that? Watch the video again, listen to her words. This lady has no business in Congress. Sure, she looks like some of your grandmas, but do you want your old granny making huge decisions like this?

There are real problems with energy. Liars like Virginia Foxx are NOT going to try to fix that problem. She’s just following the talking points. She’s just forwarding the neocon agenda. (What’s sad is, she probably doesn’t even know the difference between ‘neocon’ and ‘republican’.) All she cares about is getting reelected, so she can get her some more of that warm oily money.

I am Jon. Virginia Foxx is at best a fool, at worst a liar.

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