Riots In Greece – Started Over A Week Ago

public anger?Image by murplej@ne – under deconstruction via FlickrAnd We’re Just Hearing About It?

Click this link to the Boston Globe and look at the photos. It’s just terrible…

From the Boston Globe, published December 15th:

‘On the night of Saturday, December 6th, two Special Guards of the Greek police clashed with a small group of young men. The exact details of what took place are still unclear, but it is known that one of the Guards fired three shots, and one of those bullets caused the death of 15-year-old Alexander Grigoropoulos – whether the injury was made by an accidental ricochet or deliberate shot remains to be determined. The two Guards are now in jail awaiting trial, the shooter charged with homicide. This incident sparked an immediate and widespread response in the form of angry demonstrations and riots in many Greek cities that have continued at varying levels to this day – though dimming in intensity recently. Alexander’s death appears to have been a catalyst, unleashing widespread Greek anger towards many issues – police mistreatment of protesters, unwelcome education reforms, economic stagnation, government corruption and more. (37 photos total)’

I guess our US mainstream ‘media’ wanted to make sure the riots were a big enough story before they showed us. Or maybe they were just hoping this kind of news would quietly go away. Well, a week into it, the unrest continues, as reported by the UK based DailyMail, published Dec 15th:

‘Although the intensity of protests has tailed off in recent days pockets of violence are still occurring and more rallies have been planned for this week.

Today, around 50 demonstrators hurled eggs at police outside the main Athens court, where a hearing took place for dozens of people arrested during Greece’s worst riots in decades, sparked by the killing of Alexandros Grigoropoulos on December 6.’

As things get worse, I think we will start seeing more of this, and closer to home.

Then again, maybe we won’t be seeing this? But that doesn’t mean it won’t be happening. Mainstream media sucks anymore.

I am Jon, and I want to know why we in the US are just hearing about this?

(edit) It has been pointed out to me that this story was indeed reported here in the US back on the 6th of December – I must have missed it. Sorry ’bout that.
Nevertheless, as the situation unfolded the riots became worse, evidently reaching a peak around the 13th. I still stand by my criticism of US MSM. We were not kept informed as the situation in Greece deteriorated, whereas I found in my research that in Europe (for example) daily reports were published in most of the bigger outlets.
Still, I was wrong in asserting that we were never informed at all.

Thanks to Paul at InfectiousGreed for pointing us to this.