Festival Of Lights

You can ask around, I’m not really big on celebrating days. It’s not that they aren’t special to me, it’s just that I prefer to mark them within myself, if you understand what I mean.

Also, I’m not from Israel, and as far as I know, my family has no connections to Jewish tradition or Judaism, other than that normally found within the confines of a Christian faith. Members of my extended family practice many different beliefs, including Islam, atheism, Buddhism, pagan, wiccan… well, you get the picture. We’re a diverse crowd. Much the same, I would guess, as your crowd.

That said, I’d like to present you with a small gift in celebration of Hanukkah, which started this year on December 4th. From Wikipedia:

“The Menorah is … a symbol closely associated with the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. According to the Talmud, after the desecration of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, there was only enough sealed (and therefore not desecrated by idolatry) consecrated olive oil left to fuel the eternal flame in the Temple for one day. Miraculously, the oil burned for eight days which was enough time to get new oil as well as finish rebuilding the Temple. The Hanukkah menorah therefore has not seven, but nine candle holders. The eight side branches represent the eight-day celebration of the miracle of oil, while the central branch, called the “Shamash”, is used to light the others. While this type of menorah is called a “hanukiah” in Modern Hebrew, it is also often called a “menorah” by non-Israeli Jews.”

Happy Hanukkah!
Click on the image above and it will expand into a 51 piece jigsaw puzzle. Join the pieces together by dragging them with your mouse. Thanks to the guys at JigZone for the puzzle.

A long time ago I had a father-in-law who was born Jewish, I think. Even allowing for memory time-distortion, Reuben was probably the wisest man I’ve ever known. I just wanted to mention his name. He was a good man.

I am Jon, and I guess that today, I just feel like giving you something


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  1. Thanks – I’ve been learning a lot about the Jewish faith (at my Christian church) and really enjoying it. Hey, if it was good enough for Jesus! I want a Mezuzah, no seriously.

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