The Eyes Have It

This Sunday, I’m thinking about eyes. Sometimes they let stuff in and sometimes they let stuff out, like a doorway between us and the world. What we see out there isn’t always what we want to see. But sometimes we would rather that nobody sees inside…

In Waiting For Discovery

So far away your feelings lie
in waiting for discovery.
Is it love? Was that your cry
as he nailed your soul
to the heart of the hardest tree?

Your eyes would tell me their story
but your mind in its fear
creates clouds to blur my vision.

Your eyes make me stay
so far away, my feelings lie
in waiting for discovery.

Sitting there, wishing there was a way… leads me to wonder what terrible thing could have happened to make those eyes hide the person inside. Our greatest pains are usually tied tightly to our greatest joys. I can only imagine from my own life what might have caused such a withdrawal…

Kick Haiku Me

My best friend kicked me
in the face and then just stood
there, staring at me.

Sometimes the eyes are so astounding you just have to do something, regardless of the risk. You know what I mean. These eyes that I’m talking about here were simple, wonderful brown eyes. Eyes as deep as the galaxy is wide, with lashes that reached from Portugal to California…


Auburn hair sweeps
like a James Bond movie
across her left eyelash

the touch of my words
parting lips
into smiles
not unlike the varied pieces
of the jigsaw

I could never fit together.

I married the young woman I wrote these for, and now one of my sons has eyes like hers. And that’s something we’re both really happy about. Thanks for reading!

Koshi’s eyes