That We Connect At All Is A Miracle


It’s Sunday here so I’m publishing a few of my poems. Today’s theme is the loss of someone you love. Maybe they’re gone forever, maybe for a year, maybe they just left for the day. Time is such a relative thing and our feelings so subjective…

Colors Brush Your Cheeks

Your nose is leaking
rainbows at the top,
where it meets your eyes.
Colors brush your cheeks
and drip onto your feet.
Then they roll around
like painted ball-bearings,
just making their rounds.

Airports used to hold a horrible significance to me. Every time I said goodbye to someone I really cared about, it was at an airport. Sometimes it was me with the ticket, sometimes it was me standing in a crowd with tears in my eyes…

Never Say Goodbye

Will it be years from now
you glance back across your shoulder
you see me with security
watching the distance between us grow?

And we smile
(we are brave)
And we laugh
(we are young)

And we never say goodbye.

And then the absence. The loneliness. The despair. The utter and total Loss…

Simple Sea Algae

Where am I to be
without your confidence
to support me?

I will be like simple sea algae
when taken from the water;
lifeless, and alone.

Sometimes you know that part of your life is over. With only the memories being all you have left, you have a choice to make. Do you fatalize the whole thing, bury it deep beneath your current pain of loss? Or do you celebrate its wonder?


That I am so blessed
to have known you at all,
that I have the fortune
to call you my friend;
that we shared a lifetime
in days now long passed,
that our memories last,
that our love never ends.

The universe is so large, and forever lasts a long time. That we connect at all is a miracle.