Open Letter To The US Senate Against Bernanke

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I write this to state my position AGAINST Ben Bernanke. When you cast your vote in the upcoming confirmation, I hope you will vote against confirmation.

I’m sure you’ve received many contacts about this. Armed with many facts, charts and figures, I’ve decided rather to simply state the obvious: Your constituents are paying very close attention to these things lately. We, the American people, don’t usually do that, as you no doubt know already. As long as you guys take care of things, we generally let you do what you want. We’re lazy like that, and you count on it. It’s why you have a job.

But you haven’t taken care of things. You’ve lied to us, given us over to our enemies, those who would take our chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Sure, maybe you personally did none of this(you may think), but you are a member of the government that has allowed it to happen, and even encouraged it. From our perspective You are Them.

We know you as a group, but we act on you individually. When the curtain is pulled it’s just you and us in there, and in enlightened self-interest We Will Vote For Us.

Why don’t you do the same? Be One of Us. Vote Against Ben Bernanke.

Trust me, we’re paying attention.

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