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I joined the AskaBlogr network over the weekend. Askablogr is exactly what it looks like: a place to ask bloggers questions. There are millions of people blogging nowadays. Out of those millions, there are thousands who know their field pretty good. And there are hundreds who are experts. And there are dozens who are simply genius. It seemed like a good place to find me some answers.

And it works both ways. Now that I’m a part of Askablogr, people ask me questions, too. Down below is the 1st question I received this morning, and my answer.

Q: Hi Jon, welcome to Askablogr! I like your "Ask Away" tab and hope we earn a place there someday. Since you’re a technology-watcher, I’d love to know what’s most useful web app you’ve seen recently?
Asked by Chris DeVore

A: Hi Chris, Thanks for the comments. The AskAway! tab @ Wordout was one of those 3am ideas to get more involvement on the site. 

Most useful web app I've seen recently? That's a really tricky question. My answer would have to depend on who was using it and for what purpose. In my work I do alot of mundane things, like repairing or upgrading hardware and malware removal. No cool web apps there, just some tried and true tools from the past.

Since December 2007, I've had several requests to design websites for local businesses. I used WordPress as the platform for the 1st couple of sites, and later this week I'm meeting with the VP of a large regional homebuilder from the Washington DC area to firm up the plans for their site, which will be national in scope. I plan to use the latest WordPress as their platform also.

So, if I had to pick just ONE web application as the most useful, it has to be good old WordPress. Well, the new one, not the old one. WordPress can be used as a blog, but it is so much more.  

My favorite web app to use within my blog or on the web? That's an easy and obvious question. AdaptiveBlue BlueOrganizer Indigo. The Indigo add-on for Firefox is an incredible timesaver for me, keeping various sets of bookmarks coherent and accessible. Plus, it gives me the ability to do fast, accurate searches on many text terms right on the page where I find them. Names of people, books, movies, music, artists, objects of many kinds can be searched in context without going anywhere else. Even when they’re not set up as a link by the author of that page. To tell you everything about the AB Indigo would take a few pages.  

Take another look at Wordout and notice all the AB stuff over there. Right up top is a "Readers' Choice" list, with easy links to earlier popular posts at Wordout. That's Indigo. You'll see other examples of AB widgets created with Indigo there in the sidebar. You can find more pieces I’ve already published on Indigo by searching for it up there in the Lijit Search widget. (Lijit is another company with really cool and useful stuff. If you have a moment, check them out.)

Disclaimer: I am not an employee of AdaptiveBlue or Lijit and have no financial ties to them at all. I just like their stuff.



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