Pickens Plan Take 2 – ‘Drill Drill Drill’

True Colors

Remember T Bone Pickens(sic)? Yeah, the old fart with the new plan to build wind farms across the middle of the US for electricity, and then use his natural gas to power American cars. Remember those TV commercials? He seemed to come across as a man who really cared, huh?

Well, take a gander at his 2nd commercial promoting his “Pickens Plan” for energy independence. Seems he’s decided to “Drill Drill Drill”…

If Only I Were Bugs…

What a way to wimp out. What a douche. What a waste. He doesn’t even deserve an exclamation mark at the end of these ‘What a’s. If you read my piece on his plan last month, you already know that I expected this guy to be nothing more than a profiteer, just another wounded lion looking for a thorn-puller. Still, even with this new ‘drill drill drill’ mantra he’s spouting, I hope he builds out those wind farms he keeps talking about.

But he should know, with certainty, that we’ll never convert our passenger vehicles to run on natural gas. He says in this latest commercial that other technologies are not available. That is a very bold and ignorant lie. Just google for ‘electric vehicles in the USA’ to find out how wrong he really is. You’ll find, after searching around just a little teeny bit, that our buddy T-Bone Pickens is not telling the truth.

So don’t fall for it. He’s just another oil-addicted idiot, just a fossil-fuel pusher trying to keep you addicted and take your money. I say, let him try. The 1st part of his plan is truly ‘Green’ and would benefit all of us. As for the rest of it… well, like I said, let him try. I don’t think we’re that stupid.

Oh, and concerning his statement about ‘the largest transfer of wealth in the history on mankind’: I suggest he (and you) research as much as you can about the current ‘credit crunch’ and the ‘mortgage meltdown’. He (and you) will find that the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind involves around 36 trillion dollars, and is already currently underway. He (and you) will find that it is not OPEC who’s taking all your wealth. A good place to start looking at that is HERE. (You think all that mess hasn’t affected you, because you weren’t involved? I suggest you check on your investments. I personally know people who did not buy into that mortgage mess, who held various investments in ‘safe’ equities, and who have lost 20% of their ‘wealth’ since January due to those ‘safe’ investments losing their values. Do the words ‘Fannie Mae’ or ‘Feddie Mac’ ring a bell? Well, it’s tolling for thee.)

I am Jon, and personally, I want an Aptera electric vehicle. But if you buy me a ZENN, I won’t complain.

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