Here it is, 24 hours later, and if you’ll look over to the right (you may have to scroll down a bit) you’ll find that even though there are still a couple of tweaks to make, SmartLinks is working! As you’re watching, you’ll see it generating thumbnail previews of my favorite sites. Clicking on any of the thumbs gives you a larger view and clicking on that will take you to the site. There’s a bit more you can do with it, but I will leave that for later. Go ahead, play with it. It’s fun!

It’s late, I haven’t eaten, and tomorrow is a busy day. I just wanted to call your attention to it tonight because I just love it. I ‘ll be writing a review of AdaptiveBlue SmartLinks sometime this week. All I will say right now is that Adaptive Blue has some really great people. Be sure and check back for the details. As a matter of fact, why not just subscribe to Wordout right now, so you never miss a thing? Just click FeedMe!

I am Jon, and I am hungry.