Iranian Protesters Are Patriots


February 11th marks the 31st anniversary of the Revolution in Iran. It was that long ago that the Shah relinquished control and Iran officially became an Islamic Republic. In advance of the expected protests against the current regime, the Iranian government has crippled or blocked nearly all citizen access to the internet.

The protests began in earnest last June, after it became widely believed that the presidential election had been rigged.

I’m sure that the unholy men in power there in Tehran wish they could control things like this. It turns out, they can’t. Videos showing the massive protests have been smuggled out of the country and posted to YouTube. Plus, Google Earth spent a little extra cash and pointed a satellite at Tehran, just so we could get a bird’s eye view. (Maybe Ache-mean-a-jihadebad will think twice the next time he wants to ban gmail?)

Look, I’m warning you again. Some of the stuff shown below is not for the faint of heart. Don’t watch it.

There’s more to read and watch over at CitizenTube and the YouTube-Global blog.

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