Obvious Solution To The FAQ Quagmire

Knee Deep In The Hooplah

OK, I have been about knee deep in the hooplah that is trying to administer a database over a network. To all you “real” sysadmins out there: I salute you. Having become a generalist rather than a specialist, there are certain skillsets that I am simply not very good at, and that is one of them.

As I sat down to publish my first “official” post here at the newest incarnation of Wordout, I realized that the post was better suited to the FAQ. And then it hit me, so obvious I laughed out loud. <edit> Evan coined a new term for the state I was in: Faquagmire </edit>

You see, one of the reasons I wanted to create the Frequently Asked Questions section was to have an easily searchable database of problems I come across in my day to day work. Most things are very repetitive in this business, but every now and then something comes up that I will only see once a year, maybe. Sometimes it’s a real bother to remember what I did to fix the problem. It would be nice to have a resource I can trust that’s available wherever I need it. And in the future, it could serve as a guide to any technicians I might hire. It could be a “how to” manual on keeping a pc running smoothly. Anyone could search it and find the same answers I use every day.

Dee Dee Deee
You might have seen somewhere on the site where I say I really like this WordPress engine. Evan says it too in one of his comments. It really is a good development tool to work with. It has features galore the first time you use it, and is very easily twisted and turned into something reasonably unique. Plus it has a great little Search function…..

Uhhh, that is The biggest part of a FAQ. Hmmm. If I create a category of post in Wordout, and call it (lessee here…) Uhhh, call it, “Frequently Asked Questions”, and then just put posts with questions as titles, wouldn’t that effectively become my FAQ? Plus, I will get the added benefit that anyone can post a comment about the solution, thereby giving me a feedback loop to aid in quality control of the posts in the future. As technology changes my FAQ would naturally try to keep up through the comment section.

So that is what will be, for now at least. I think it’s a good idea, plus I can deal with WordPress alot easier than MySQL.

I am Jon, your host here at Wordout.