State Forces Vaccinations Using Police and Attack Dogs

Search Google and you will find lots written about forced vaccinations in Prince George’s County, Maryland. This would be no big deal, really, except there is no law in Maryland requiring parents to vaccinate their children. Prince George’s county officials decided to team up with the department of health and force these kids to get their shots, threatening the parents with jail time if they did not comply. You can read about it at

In my mind, this story isn’t about the vaccinations. It looks like that is what everybody is focusing on, kicking up fluff all over the place about “Big Pharma”. To me, this is more about one more step we are gingerly taking into the wonderful political structure of losing our most basic rights. It makes me wonder about our future. Remember, there are no laws in Maryland requiring parents to submit their children to these vaccinations. Parents are free to choose what’s best for their families. That’s the law. And to me, that’s what this is about.

I guess that don’t matter much up there in Prince G’s county, just east of Washington, DC. What do you think about it?

I am Jon, and I am American.