Happy Easter Everybody!

Sunday Series

Today is Easter Sunday and I am continuing the personal Sunday Series to give you more on who Jon is. Today, you’ll get two poems I wrote. The first was written recently, and the last was written decades ago and is, in fact, one of my first attempts at poetry. With no further introduction or explanation, here they are. I hope you enjoy them.


Not The Love Of Words

There was not the love of words,
that speak it softly in your ear
as if to say, any love worth loving
could ever live in words alone.
There was never coarse desire,
the passion less the gentle caress.
The crass imagination of lesser men
and boys has no place in this.
Not to say the horned beast is lost,
but the need to feel this lust released
is nothing near this simple truth:
Love does not demand, rather it accepts.

Could I ever hope to dream again without you?
I cry and smile and laugh and sit in wonder,
stuck in a moment of time, lost in your eyes,
the taste of your kiss still fresh on my lips.



Summer Day

Summer day.
hearing nothing –
save a birdsong,

Summer day.
working the fields –
far from worry,
living free…

Not so long ago
there is a place I go –
seems a simpler
more familiar road
I travel…

to summer day.
no sound.
feint a whisper.
try to say it…


I am Jon. I write stuff.