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Islamic Iran Participation Front

The IIPF is a reformist party founded just before the turn of the last century with the motto “Iran for all Iranians”. Josh, aka ‘NiteOwl’ – the guy who’s creating all these Green Briefs – has published this translation of a statement released this week.

I can’t stress how much I appreciate Josh and his small team for the work they’re putting into all this. As an American, it might seem strange that I would care at all. I can only stress that we are all brothers, sisters, and cousins on this world.

I don’t really care about “spreading democracy” to the world. What I do care about is that each nation of us is able to choose the government we want, to choose our lives as we see fit. The revolution was supposed to guarantee that right to my Iranian friends, but as we see now, that revolution was co-opted by some assholes.

Those assholes are not Muslim, any more than assholes here are Christian. They are Assholes, and would be such in any land, any language, any nation, any religion. Assholes must not be allowed to rule.

IIPF Statement

In the Name of God, the merciful, the compassionate

The coup d’état led by the totalitarians has entered a new phase by the comedy show they have staged – disguised as a snazzy courtroom to put a number of the detainees on trial.

What was of most importance in today’s trial was the prosecutor’s statements which were expected to be serious and strong given that detainees had been at their disposal for more than 50 days under pressure and in isolation. But they are in such rage and shock of the failure of their coup d’état that the result [the statement] was nothing but a headline from Keyhan [the pro-Ahmadinejad newspaper famous for its lack of journalistic integrity and sensationalized headlines] which would even make a dead chicken laugh. They have been so hasty in preparing the statement that they have even made errors in the naming the members of the Participation Front, which are all readily available online. For example, they have named Dr. Tajik, who headed the Center for Strategic Studies under the Khatami administration, as a member of the Participation Front! Unfortunately, in this heavily politicized, unprofessional and baseless document, the analysis presented was just as inaccurate.

In this statement, which was sent to Farsnews (as the main propaganda machine of the leaders of the coup) before all other media outlets, the depth of hatred these leaders feel towards the eight years of reform, its remarkable achievements, and its leader, Seyed Mohammad Khatami was widely seen.

This statement has at times turned into a full blown defense of socialist countries where stealing votes was rampant. In other places, in order to prove accusations of a velvet revolution in Iran, they have compared our country and our system to that of socialist systems. To do so, they’ve used fabrications offered by security forces which only seem to show their low IQs and scattered minds.

What is interesting is that in this statement they have shown their own goals in their coup d’état. The inauspicious aim was to silence reformist factions and independent non-governmental organizations. To do this, they’ve iterated baseless accusations, inline with irrelevant observations which have nothing to do with what the aim of their statements.

They have stolen our documents and now claim to have made a great discovery. In their statements, they’ve used quotes out of our document called “A Contemplation into Taking Forward our Political/Organizational Goals” (which they wrongly quote as “A Deal for Taking Forward our Political/Organizational Goals”) [Note: “Contemplation” is ta-amolot and “deal” is ta-aamolat in Persian]:

“In the first step [we aim for] presence in the presidential body, parliament and city councils. And in the next steps, having members in the Council of Experts is a good strategy for those who strive for democracy and the rule of the people”

Now we must ask those who’ve prepared this document after 50 days of silence and oppression: is it unlawful for a legal party to plan and strategize for winning people’s votes and being legally elected into political bodies? Or are political parties simply there to blindly approve and cheer anything that is dictated from above? In another place in this document, we’ve written of finding strategies to turn crises and disorder into opportunities for reinforcing the democratic aspects of the system, we’ve written about negotiations ( instead of creating more disturbance and chaos) as the only way to create a stable system and real unity. And you have called this an unforgivable crime?! What can we call your words but treason? Since when are those who create chaos to destroy the democratic aspects of the system considered “servants” to the system and those who strive for calm and creating unity traitors? How well you have shown your hatred and enmity of democracy and human values. It is this exact hatred which creates a suspicion of voter fraud. You want us to believe that those who, upon hearing words like “the nation’s vote” or “democracy”, burn like small ashes on a great fire from their anger, won’t touch the people’s votes if the opportunity presents itself? Who are these statements truly hurting? Unknowingly, these statements are against the totalitarians themselves.

In regards to the confessions of Hojatolleslam Abtahi, the position of the Participation Front is what it has always been in the face of other such farce trials and confessions. In our view, Abtahi’s opinions on what he was asked in court are those that were available on his weblog before he was detained. Those opinions which he has reiterated, time and time again when not under pressure, not in solitary confinement, and not in custody. Just like in the past, when we saw that when the prisoners were released they insisted on their previous views [and not on what they said during forced confession]. Thus, we see this as a futile attempt which only serves to pain us and the vigilant, intelligent people of Iran.

The Islamic Iran Participation Front hopes that the continuing days of this trial will be different than the useless, disgraceful and nauseous path it took today. We request that the hostages be allowed to see their families, and that their lawyers have access to their documents. And we warn the current establishment that such petty trials will not result in anything and will not serve as an excuse for their violent rampage and murder. Instead of propping such advertising campaigns, it would be better for you to think of a way to answer to an entire nation that has seen your true face in the past 50 days, has seen the body of their martyrs in bewilderment and mourning. People who have courageously appeared on the frontlines despite your bullets and batons. The real courtroom, before the courtroom of the Lord, shall be in their presence.

The Islamic Iran Participation Front


(August 1st, 2009)

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