She Fought Back – They Cut Off Her Head

You May Want To Skip This

Seriously. Just click the next link on your list. What’s here is terrible.

Mom, this means you.

Below is a video I found through DigitalJournal. It was originally published at Hyscience, showing an excerpt of the original video of the Florida House of Representatives State Affairs Committee on April 8, 2008 hearing on immigration legislation.

In the video you will hear the story of a little girl, brought to the USA and repeatedly raped. When she fought back, she was brought before the other girls and beheaded in front of them as a warning. If you search for any news about this story, you will come up empty. There was absolutely zero coverage in the mainstream media. The 1st coverage it ever received was when Abdul posted it on June 29th. Since then a few bloggers have published it, much the way I am doing here.

Not The Only Threat

Death isn’t the only threat these girls face. If they refuse to cooperate they run the risk of genital mutilations as well. I don’t know who this little girl was, where she was from or anything more about her. What I have to wonder is: how many more little girls have been killed or mutilated, just to set an example for the others?

And why wasn’t something like this reported anywhere? Anywhere at all? If it weren’t for Abdul we would never had learned of this girl, her life, her death. Why doesn’t CNN or Fox or the Networks or the AP or Reuters or Anybody report this to us? Things like this should receive at least a paragraph buried somewhere on page 37 or something… at least a mention.

What we have is a system of entertainment journals masquerading as news outlets. The only things that matter to the mainstream media anymore are profits and ratings. We haven’t had good journalism in this country for nearly a decade at least, probably longer. We don’t have journalists, we have media personalities. Stewart and Colbert report more honest news stories than CNN or Fox.

And that should make us all worry.

I am Jon, clicking through to The Daily Show.

2 Replies to “She Fought Back – They Cut Off Her Head”

  1. While I feel that beheading girls is deplorable, I can’t help but get irritated at the ‘OMG illegal immigrants will behead ur babiez!’ argument.

    The video was made by “SoFlaPatriot”, and while I don’t care enough to go research the guy, the text he added to the video and the content make me think he’s probably against immigration and trying to convince us that anyone from south of Florida is ‘teh evil!’

  2. The mainstream media should’ve had a field day with this story, but not one of them reported it. While I agree that the text is a bit over the top and sensationalist (I almost didn’t watch the video because of it), I included it here because it was the ONLY reference I could find shorter than the original 2-hour video.

    I don’t think I would’ve added any editing to the original, as I think the double story of the murder and the lack of reporting is sensationalist enough. SoFlaPat just couldn’t help it… there was no other coverage.

    Thanks for the comment!

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