HR6304 – President “Committed a Felony”

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Jonathan Turley a constitutional law professor at George Washington University law school made that statement during a broadcast on MSNBC Tuesday, paraphrasing a federal judge’s remarks while working on a case involving one of the telecom lawsuits. He goes on to add that Bush did this not once, but at least 30 times.

Thanks to Becky for showing me this, so I can pass it on to you. Please watch the video from MSNBC which was released Tuesday. You will learn something. Keep in mind, This Bill Has Already Been Passed By Congress. There Are No More Votes. It’s a Done Deal.

That said, please try to watch at least the first couple of minutes. MSNBC is not some off-the-wall blogging outfit spouting off about their pet peeves of the day. They Are A Mainstream Global News Service responsibly reporting the news ….

The Wildest Dreams Of GW Bush


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  1. Its not so much that Turley said it as federal judge Vaughn Walker, who made the ruling that it appeared the president had committed a felony after gaining access to a classified document.


  2. Now that we have a revised FISA law, it seems to be a moot point. I am constantly bewildered that the US seems so determined to abandon its core values.
    Thanks for stopping by, Becky. I love your work.

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