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Kickin’ Back, Drinking It In

Regulars at the Ponzi Cafe have learned by now that what is on the menu is not necessarily what you’ll be served. As for myself, I’ve pretty much stopped ordering anything, but I still check in most days just to see how everyone else is doing.

I found something interesting today from Market Ticker, something I really didn’t expect. I guess I was still hoping…

Speaking of which….

I wrote a post about Ponta Negra – a hedge fund that I thought was more likely than not to be fraudulent. I did not name Ponta Negra in the post but I put two of their marketing documents on the web and some people found them.

I withdrew that post after threats from lawyers. I also removed the documents from the web.

Oh boy, here come the lawyers making threats!

There’s only one small problem – the widdle blogger was right!

I have done this because Francesco Rusciano of Ponta Negra has formally had his assets frozen by a Federal Judge at the request of the SEC. Also see here for the formal charges.

Now this isn’t particularly newsworthy. No, the newsworthy part is this:

Anyway I will save you the suspense. All of this would not be the biggest story on my blog except that Ponta Negra is marketed out of the office of Paradigm Global – a fund of hedge funds owned and controlled by Hunter Biden and James Biden. Hunter and James are the son and brother of Vice President Joe Biden respectively.

Oops. Well, that explains the attempt to shut the widdle blogger up. Too bad it failed.

Anyway, go to the link for the base article and read it. It’s yet another one of those “fund of funds” deals, and it appears that it is the Veep’s family that’s somehow involved. What’s even better is that they appear to be tangled up with Stanford Financial up to their nuts.

This ought to be a lot of fun as it all unwinds, and you can bet I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the voting booth….

Like I said in an earlier post,

The core group of ultra-wealthy weasels is still in control of the US. “Moving on” is not an option, it’s a cover-up.

Even the common man on the street knows in his heart that the government is corrupt. Every one of us knows, in our American gut that these guys are not acting in our country’s best interest, but in the interest of a relatively small group of insolvent men who need to steal from us our wealth while transferring all their backbreaking debt to us at the same time.

It’s common knowledge. A revolution may be inevitable.”

It’s common knowledge, and getting more common every day.

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