Activist Or Terrorist?

What Is Wrong Here?

Thanks to EarthFirst for pointing us to this video. From their site, quoting the NYT:

For a 13-month stretch starting in March 2005, three environmentalists working for the Chesapeake Climate Action Network were listed in a Maryland State Police data base as being “suspected of involvement in terrorism.” The description went on to note that the police had “no evidence whatsoever of any involvement in violent crime,” and the listing, and possible tracking, did not continue. But the activists — not surprisingly — were not happy to hear about this when they received letters from the state police earlier this month informing them of the situation.

This is exactly the sort of thing we should expect nowadays in America. We let the Department of Homeland Security be created. We let the so-called Patriot Act be passed and then extended. We let the Congress literally gut our FISA protections.

We have no recourse in matters such as these. And with the economy getting worse, I am certain we’ll see more of these types of stories emerging.

I am Jon, and I am certainly on a list somewhere… and I couldn’t care less.