Without Her

…Rise To Face Another Day…

In keeping with the general tone this week, I am pleased to present and hope you enjoy just over 2 minutes of Harry Nilsson. This in no way represents the way I feel about Democratic chances at the polls this November.


I am Jon, spending the night in a chair…

2 Replies to “Without Her”

  1. I’m brought back to the days of ole where music was music and you could understand it. Thanks so much for reminding me that life can be much easier and was so during those days for those of us who experienced it. I have been listening to more of it to help sooth the savage beast which lives around.

    On a different note, did I miss you letting us know your health issue results? It really doesn’t matter because, as you know I have an insider who doesn’t mind sharing with me (I am so thankful for that). Keep the reminding yourself of the easier days when we thought all we needed to do was change 2 people and they change 2 people … You know the ripple effect.

    Take care and keep in touch. Oh by the way Tina is fine also. She hopes I am stuck with both of you for a while. I hope I am “stuck” with you for a very long while. Don’t make me cry again – Mike can’t take it.

    Friends to the end – right?

  2. I’ll include that in the Sunday Series post this evening. But for you, I will say that everything I told you in the restaurant the last time I saw you was accurate.

    I’m not dead yet, and my long-term prognosis is the same as everybody else’s.

    Thanks for caring, Donna. Friends are friends beyond…

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