2 Replies to “Winter Berries Puzzle”

  1. Jon, now you know how I love your puzzles on here…and how much I deeply respect adaptive blue…but you see, here we have a problem. They compete where they are placed for control of that little area. When I try to do a puzzle here adaptive blue starts popping through my little puzzle window world, popping my moments of clarity with choppy graphics. I will cry next time….I will.

  2. I am so sorry! If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s not exactly a battle for space. You see, my BlueOrganizer Badges have some Flash code in them, and the puzzles are mostly run inside a Java application. For some reason, the Java seems to try to sandwich itself between the layers of my badges. I will try as best I can to align things so that the interference is not noticeable, but when you consider all the different screen resolutions out there, it gets kinda hard.
    Sometimes it helps me to view the article as a single page, by clicking on the title. And sometimes it helps to click on Home and look at it as part of the normal, 2 per page view.
    Meanwhile, I will try to find out how to stop the interference, but that may take some time.

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