Watch Free StarTrek Online


I can’t remember how I found them. Maybe I was over at Technorati surfing blogs, I don’t know. But after finding them, I don’t know how I ever missed them before. You should check out their entire site, it looks interesting. The part that I was looking at, of course, was GeekSugar. And that’s where I found the story about the free Star Trek episodes available online.

That’s right, is making the 1st three seasons, 76 full length episodes in all, available for online viewing. I don’t have the bandwidth to embed one here, so instead here are a couple of shorts. The 1st one runs under 90 seconds, and the second one is about 7 minutes.

The fight scene between Spock and Kirk on Vulcan.
Includes the timeless “fight music” from every great fight scene on Star Trek.


Star Trek vs Star Wars. It can’t all be serious!


CBS has some other shows available as well. Look for MacGyver, Hawaii Five-O and The Twilight Zone while you’re over there. There are even some current shows, like Jericho. Just hover over the VIDEO text at the top of the page and a list of over 30 shows will drop down for you to browse.


I am Jon, and right about now I just might be watching some Trek.