Nerdfighter Power Project For Awesome!

Thanks to ReadWrite Web for pointing us at this neat story about Brotherhood 2.0, two brothers who decided to communicate only through online video for a year:

Hank, who is an environmentalist and the chief geek at EcoGeek, and John, who writes for young adults and is the author of Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katharines, and the upcoming Paper Towns (September 2008), decided that they were going to go 365 days with only textless communication (which means no email, no instant messaging, no texting, but very infrequent phone calls for logistical purposes) by using their video blog, Brotherhood 2.0, and posting videos back and forth. 11 months and 18 days into their experience, they launched their “Project for Awesome.”

The Project For Awesome turned out awesome. The plan was this: take over the 4th most popular destination on the internet in a 24 hour period, and generate as much cash donations to charity as possible. Well, it happened, just as they planned. Brotherhood 2.0 has taken over YouTube. Watch this video, called Nerdfighter Power Project For Awesome, to see how 2 brothers orchestrated the taking over of YouTube in a 24 hour period.


UPDATE: It’s been over two days since they took over, but looking at today’s page, it seems to still be going strong.

I am Jon, and I think the brothers is cool.