Running and Reading

I just twittermet an all-around nice guy with a fantastic site. (For all you tweeps out there, here’s where you can find @Dan Martell.)

Whether you tweet or not, you’ll want to click that 1st link. Especially if you’re interested in well-written, informed content about starting up and running your own company.

Dan’s done it. His thinking is clear and he knows how to write. I spent alot of time there when I found it.

When I’m deciding who to follow on twitter, I nearly always go to the site listed in the bio. When I got to Dan’s site, I found this video embedded in a post halfway down the page.

It’s Will Smith, and he’s actually got the 2 Keys to Life. Take 2 mins to listen. Check it out…

Running and Reading.

It is that simple. Run. Read. Repeat.

The 3 R’s.

Thanks, Dan. Looking forward to getting to know you.